Precautions While taking Medicines

Precautions while taking Medicines

 The most difficult part during sickness is consuming those bitter pills. Throwing away the pills from window panes, putting them in trash, or simply flushing them in toilets are some of the ways young brains use to get rid off medicines. To be very honest, everyone once in our lifetime has carried out these tricks. I have done several times in my childhood, but as the years passed by, I understood the importance of medicines. Life has been very much grateful throughout these years by blessing me with healthy life.

A healthy life is sign of healthy mind. Thus, it is essential to have good health. It is not possible that we cannot fall ill in our lifetime. Our body has certain limitation that is hammered due to excessive stress, change in atmosphere, or wrong habits of diet. Thus, it is fine, if you fall ill. We just need to take proper treatment and avoid creating more complications. Hence, you need to consume proper diet, medications, and adequate sleep. Well, sometimes while consuming medicines, we forget to check the details of medicines.

It is very much essential to check and have proper information about medicines that you are consuming. Many times, people are allergic to certain substance and hence they should be avoided. Numerous precautions should be taken while consuming medicines as, it might create an adverse affects.  You need to remember certain and you need to avoid certain points such as:

You should always:

  • Keep the medicines away from children. Always place the medicine box out of their reach. Locate them at some higher spot and lock the box.

  • Buy medicines along with the bill mentioning the matching batch number and expiry date to avoid spurious medicines

  • Keep a list of medicines in the box as well in the drawer to avoid confusion.

  • While consuming syrup or medicated liquid, it is essential to shake the bottle.

  • Store the medicines in cool place or do as directed on bottles.

  • Have a proper record of your disease like the start of symptoms, list of symptoms, etc. This will help you while consulting with your doctor. It will make the task easier for doctor and start the treatment sooner.

  • Inform your doctor detail information about the medicines you are consuming.

  • Tell your doctor, if you are consuming any other medicines other than prescribed. As, sometimes combination of some medicines can be harmful to health.

  • Get proper details of doze from your diet. Also ask for time for taking medicines, precautions, and diet exclusion.

  • Remember to purchase medicines from known drugstore and get it billed. Keep proper records of your pharmacy bills.

  • Examine the seal of medicines and do not buy them if they are damaged.

  • Check out expiry date before buying any medicines.

  • Be very much cautious while purchasing medicines. Always check the name of medicines properly and ask the person in charge if you have any doubts.

  • Do not buy any substitute medicines for your prescription. Consult your doctors to change the prescription.

  • Open the bottle and check the capsules before purchasing them. Sometimes, you get damaged or broken tablets. They might be even discolored. Get them changed or mail to manufacturer about the incident.

  • Swallow your tablet with water or do as directed by your doctor.

  • Complete full course of medicines. Do not leave once you start feeling better. Incomplete treatment might welcome the disease again.

  • Immediately report to the doctor, if you feel medicines are having some negative affects.

  • Write down the patients name, doctor’s name, and name of disease on bottle of medicines.

  • Dispose the empty bottles or packs of medicines.

  • Even if you are well educated, do not consume medicines at your own risk.

  • Never take medicines recommended by your friend or close associate who are no medicine background.

  • You might be not benefited from the medicines that proved beneficial to your friend in the same disease. Every individual has different composition of body. Thus, consume medicines suitable to your body systems.

  • Switch on the light before taking medicines.

  • Do not consume medicines empty stomach.

Medicines are useful to curb down your illness. Medicines consumed along with nutritional diet, and adequate rest will help in restoring your body from illness. Always remember to take precautions while consuming medicines in order to prevent from future complications.


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